The Nonpolitical Aspects of Keith Ellisons Life

&nbsp.Whereas a great many members of the United States House and Senate vote strictly based upon party line, Ellison’s voting record delineates the fact that he is a strict noninterventionist and believes in promoting social welfare above any type of irrational foreign intervention in other parts of the world. Furthermore, from the statements that it made by Ellison, he views the interventionism that is taken place as a distinct aberration from the very core fundamentals that the United States was founded upon.
With regards to the representative’s political background, it can and should be understood that Keith Ellison most certainly personifies what can be termed as “a career politician”. In short, even though Keith Ellison began his career as a legal advocate for a civil rights group, he rapidly left this work and sought out a state Senate seat for the Minnesota Legislature. After serving two consecutive terms with the Minnesota state legislature, Ellison sought out to run for the United States House of Representatives representing the 58th District of Minnesota. As a function of the fact that Keith Ellison’s career aspirations have been concentric upon seeking to integrate with the political needs of his local community and region, it can definitively be inferred that he should be classified as what is known as a “career politician”. However, this fact in and of itself should not be misconstrued to have a negative connotation. Rather, upon graduating law school, Ellison merely integrated with the political field as a means of addressing the unique situations and shortcomings that governments had within his particular region.