The Normal Functioning of the Bodys Internal Organs

Disability can be due to factors of environmental exposure, accidents, inherited, congenital or through a prolonged ailment.
Physically an individual is impaired or unable to perform the physical activity due to poor or uncoordinated physical organs like limps bones, joints, and the gross movement ability to include stability and balance of conducting these activities. Vision disability can be viewed as an inability of someone to see the nature and the surrounding which can be caused by disease or trauma. Hearing disability commonly known as deafness is the inability to perceive or detect sound frequencies compared to other members of the society in that for your communication louder voice has to be used or sign language if someone suffers partial or permanent audio disability respectively (Rosenthal, 2007 p33). There are other forms of disabilities referred to as olfactory or gustatory impairments which although commonly associated with old age, they can also be witnessed in several age brackets including the youths which are characterized by poor smell, sensory and taste abilities.
Sports can be viewed as organized participation of an individual or a team of persons in a physical or mental activity competitively. This is to mean, for any activity to be classified as a sport, competition is inevitable for the participating teams or persons competing towards the given achievements of the sport but in line with the defined sport’s guidelines. Basically sports are meant to provide entertainment to the audience, maintain physical skills and /or improve both physical and mental standards of the participating parties (Rhoda, 2012). Sports are also viewed as a leisure activity in that the participants involve themselves in these physical activities for refreshment or for passion leaving out the competitive clause. The physical athleticism or dexterity in sporting activities helps achieve the intended goal of mental relaxation, physical body growth, and advancement of skills both in competition and in other sectors.