The Notion of Parity in Christianity

Parity fortifies the importance of equality among people. It is modestly important for people to develop a system that treats the poor on an equal basis as other citizens rather than making them feel inferior by way of charity reforms. It is a tragedy that we treat poverty as a form of crisis. The real help would be to make the poor feel equal to other citizens.
The giver-recipient relationship…
This statement asserts that the poor must be helped in such a way that they do not feel inferior. The giver mostly feels that he is superior, and this feeling has stereotyped the relationship between the giver and the recipient. Help should be disguised as something else rather than a symbol of the power of the giver.
Development is not done to
This statement is an embodiment of people’s empowerment within states. It is important to include people in the decision-making process while making efforts for development. Governments must realize the importance of people’s power, and must make sure that it involves people and their judgments in every step toward progress.