The Operations and Performance of the Hilton Hotel

The purpose of the Hilton Hotel is to provide adequate accommodation facilities, quality food, and drinks along with recreational facilities to their visitors. The hotel aims to be constantly pleasurable to the visitors, invest in their workers and innovate better and newer products for their visitors. They also intend to augment their owners’ value and reinforce their loyalty to their constituents. The manager considers the management of supplies to the hotels the most difficult challenge he encounters. This is because the products have to meet certain standards before the business makes their purchases. There are also many suppliers willing to provide their supplies to the hotels and this makes the approval of their tenders a tiresome activity. The products have to undergo several tests to determine their quality and safety before they are purchased. The process of getting approval for the funds to be spent is also very long. These tenders have to be approved by the management committees before the funds are released. This also takes a lot of time and hampers the operations of the hotel.
The Hotel’s profits have been on the rise over the years and their financial performance is relatively good. The shareholders of the hotel also receive substantial dividends on their investments. This is because the hotel accommodates many visitors throughout the year from all around the globe. The business owns over three thousand hotels in seventy-four countries that have a very good reputation for their services and products. The financial condition of the hotels enables the managers to effectively carry out the activity of running the business. He is able to pay the workers, purchase supplies on a regular basis for the hotel and renovate the premises regularly. The profitability of the organization has enabled the hotel’s management to open up new branches across the globe.