The paintings of 2 wheel building



The paintings of the house display the modernist housing that tries to displace the immersed relationship traditional notions about housing, the exterior and interior decorations of this house designed by Goldfinger as initially considered by many experts of architectural arts as the manifestos of modernity, the paintings and decorations in the interior sections of the two wheel building allows for an experience of the atmosphere that matches the conditions in the nineteenth century dwellings. The paintings of 2 wheel building communicate the architect Goldfinger’s feeling about life. The paint decoration designs of the two wheel road house portrays a strange attraction, since it provides an aesthetic procedure that can be used to legitimate Goldfinger’s understanding of what life pertains. It is understood that Golfinger’s main motive in designing the 2 wheel house was to get a permanent resident for his family the interior designs that include the painting works of the house is the main painting of what he understood about life. In any architectural work, the architect can use the paintings to communicate the association of his understanding in regard to the real life perspective. This relationship aids in communicating the designers feeling about life. The exterior decoration gives the two wheel house unique appearance. The exterior decoration of the two wheel road house is made of stone, bricks, and concrete that makes it look as a hybrid project as it is not made to have the general modern.