The Performing Arts and Digital Reproduction



Quality in the presentation of performing arts is not as enhanced as it is in the recorded arts, which poses a huge threat to attendance of theatre sessions. Technology has made a huge contribution in visual, audio and presentation for art, which is also taking part in the performing arts. Even if the two arts cannot be compared in terms of presentation quality, the relative role of performing arts by far out-competes recordings. According to Bendixen (2010), the status of performing arts in the society is indispensable concerning social vitality. He states that specifically, the modern society gets integrated in shaping the societies values, norms and structures using communication as the fundamental communication tool. The relative drop in the quality of art cannot therefore stand in the way of art achieving this objective. Location of attending a performance creates a lasting impression in the experience obtained in a performance. Human beings are social creatures that place a lot of importance in their emotions, especially when the environment becomes a factor. For instance, watching a movie at home with the family cannot be compared to attending a live performance with the family in a theatre. Romantic experiences have been reported to be at a pick high when an outing to a live art show is preferred in place of watching a romantic movie indoors. Social role of live performances cannot be captured in a better way than when social functions are taking place. It occupies a crucial position.