The Pharmacy

During my childhood, I often accompanied my grandmother to the pharmacy were she worked as a pharmacist. I have spent hours together watching her interacts with patients, dispensing medicines and educating them on the use of prescriptions. I used to watch her at work curiously and wanted to be a professional like her. While I was in high school, my interest in Chemistry and mathematics further instilled in me the desire to become a pharmacist. Since pharmacy is a unique combination of chemistry and mathematics, I think this is the best career in which I can excel and exhibit my potential.
There is lot of hindrances that came my way in heading towards my career goals. I am from Vietnam and my parents work hard to help my younger brother pursue higher education. However, they are unable to support him in attaining his goals. In spite of all the financial constraints in my family, I migrated from my hometown to the United States of America to attain the finest of education. Being a native of Vietnam, I lacked the knowledge of spoken English. It has been three years since I migrated to America. Since good communication skills are essential to be a pharmacist, I have converted this weakness into my strength in a short span of time.
To attain every long-term goal it is important to have a short-term goal. I would like to make enough money to support my family financially. My parents have worked hard through out their life to help both my brother and me accomplish our career goals. Now it is my turn to support them and help them lead a comfortable life in Vietnam. My younger brother is an intelligent boy with good academic records. He also has certain career goals that he wants to accomplish. I would like to bring him over to the United States of America to pursue higher education . Since the achievement of my short-term goal requires good amount of money, I would like to pursue career in the field of pharmacy due to the growth prospects associated with it.
I feel pharmacy offers great career opportunities. In order to grow and evolve in this field, I think a doctorate degree in pharmacy is imperative. I do not want to restrict myself from just the basic role of a pharmacist. I would like to serve the community by formulating new drugs that will help the patients cure from their illness with ease. I think it is a noble profession because one can serve the community in a big way especially those suffering from chronic illnesses by educating them about the use of various medicines. I have seen people suffer from various illnesses back in my country and would like to help them relieve from their suffering by administering the right kind of drug or medicine.
The aspiration to be a pharmacist is growing deep with me. All that I want to do in my career is being a pharmacist, which will help me attain both my short term and long-term goals.
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