The Place of Food Cultures in Our Life

A food culture that is experienced by my family and brings it keen pleasure is of French origin. Frankly speaking, it may be seen as quite usual and non-specific since we eat almost everything. A key notion which helps to recognize French culture in it is the habit to eat food in small portions and in a special somewhat romantic atmosphere. Another peculiarity well-known about the French comes with their gourmet approach to the questions of food combinations with a strong accent on the importance of good nutrition during main meals and the prohibition of so-called healthy snacks. So cooking mastery and the habit of healthy eating of the French are those very facts, which have stolen away into the hearts of our family members, and the first one was my mother. Ones she has just prepared several new for our practice dishes and presented them in a very French elegant manner, and after we had tasted them in a comfortable home environment while unhasting talking, she asked our opinion. This moment is still in my memory with its all highlights. Definitely, it was the day for the start of our love and lust for the French food culture.

There is an abundance of advantages of our food culture, namely: varied health food having in its items no junk food and fast food. small portions, full of enjoying the slowness of eating process with the discussion of dishes, and friendly or family meals (Delp). In our time of a mad pace of life, there is fewer and less time for such an essential attribute as paying attention to eating occasion itself. Unfortunately, most people don’t mind the fact that the pleasure derived from eating is also important for metabolism. There is a need to relax in order to allow our nervous system, which controls the digestive tract, to work in the normal way. Foods even under physical stress contribute to obesity, as it is not digested properly. In addition, hormones generated by stress slow metabolism and contribute to fat storage.