The Power of Branding



The researcher of this essay discusses the topic of branding and uses Nokia brand for example. He states that Nokia’s brand is now the 11th powerful brand in the world, and some marketing specialist have somewhat sarcastically recommended that maybe Finland should try to somehow link up with the brand name of Nokia to improve the brand name of the country of Finland. Nokia was able to achieve with strong marketing strategies, which is evolving even now. The key strategy Nokia incorporated while designing its models is that they should pay attention to even the finest details, which could enhance the ease of use for the customer as well as enhance customizable preferences. The other strategy was to introduce phones which could also be a style accessory. “The insight that the handset could be a stylish fashion accessory, rather than merely a communication tool, allowed Nokia to lead the trends and direction of the entire handset.” The researcher states that this strong marketing strategy to come up with products that suits customer’s preferences and importantly giving new perspectives and purposes to the customers with new designs, only enabled Nokia to leapfrog over its competitors. This is in direct contrast to Ericsson and Motorola, that not taking quick strides while moving from analog to digital phones, Nokia became leader in the handset market by 1998 itself. The researcher then concluds that now, with its superior marketing strategies and a strong and powerful brand, Nokia is able to sustain that position.