The Principles of Beneficence and Nonmaleficence

The treatment that could be offered to her is radiation and chemotherapy, which are not the solutions or cures for the disease but only extending the life cycle of the patient.
Therefore, the goals of the treatment are not concerned with the reversal of the health conditions, but for the preservation of life to the maximum extent possible. In totality, the patient cannot really escape the fact that her life is going to end shortly, maybe within the next few years. Medication is a method of prolonging her life, to a certain extent and not complete restoration, in her case.
The patient is evidently, well informed and capable in terms of mobility and mental conditions. She is completely competent, because of the facts that she had worked in the medical field previously and also since she had noticed the mass and the severe pain and had taken the initiative to approach a professional, rather than perhaps subsiding it. The patient confesses that she suspects she is a victim of cancer and therefore, asks the medical student to tell her the truth. She is also aware of the fact that the doctors might, after all, not inform her about the disease and diagnosis, in case it is cancer.
The patient has not yet been informed about the disease and she is yet to receive the confirmation of her apprehension that she has cancer. The very fact that the patient quite willingly and readily agreed to undergo the surgery, without posing a problem conveys that the patient was cooperative and trusted her doctors. However, on the whole, we see that the patient’s desire to be informed and share the knowledge of the doctors, regarding her condition is in all probability not met with. Therefore, one can draw the conclusion that the ethics and laws governing medicine have not been met with.
Had the patient been an ignorant and non-cooperative person, the best alternative could be giving treatment and keeping the patient in the dark. But since the patient is from a medical background herself and is well aware of the situation, it is most ethical to inform her about it and give treatment with mutual cooperation.