The Problem of Emergency Room Overcrowding

Yet again, overcrowding in many cases leads to inefficiency and those who are charged with the duty of providing service may be hampered in their bid to provide their vital services as noted by Gupta, Sharma, and Wickramasinghe (2005). Yet again, overcrowding may present a vital opportunity to ill-minded individuals to engage in certain unethical activities including pickpocketing as noted by Miller (2010). Hospitals being places that are visited mainly by people from various diverse backgrounds have not been exempted from experiencing problems related to overcrowding. In fact, the last couple of years have seen more emergency rooms facing overcrowding. This has led to health experts ringing an alarm over the risks that people expose themselves to due to this worrying trend.There may be many causes of overcrowding in the emergency room as noted by several experts in diverse fields. Some of these causes include higher acuity and need for more complex treatments in some hospitals, rising number of older patients, the existence of fewer healthcare facilities and rising need for emergency cases according to the Joint Commission Resources (2004). While a number of studies have been conducted with respect to hospitals and emergency rooms, very few have been conducted with the aim of addressing the problem of crowding.There are several causes of emergency room overcrowding most of which can be significantly eliminated through the realignment and reorganization of hospital operations (Joint Commission Resources, 2004). Hospital overcrowding has negatively impacted the level of service delivery in both private and public hospitals. This research will be aimed at unearthing the various causes and impacts of overcrowding in emergency rooms and will seek to come up with solutions to this problem. This research will focus on only one state. the state of Oklahoma owing to the complexity of this research. In this respect, the research will preclude other states and geographical areas. The sample will be chosen from different hospitals spread across the state and will be limited to healthcare centers that have emergency rooms.