The Problem of Intimidation

Personal ment We live in a world where intimidation exists and is used to the detriment of other people simply because there are those who believe themselves to be hugely powerful and therefore, above the law. Intimidation as a human trait is one of the worst kinds that man can exhibit and inflict upon another person because of its far reaching consequences. As a young man in school, I was witness to the ways that intimidation can cause extreme misery and sadness for others.
I was 14 years old that summer when the decent person in me felt an extreme need to stand up for another young man who was being intimidated at Wheelock College where we were both attending an acting class for the season. He was shy and tended to not fight back when a group of students would bully and intimidate him using defamatory words. I knew that it was this maltreatment that forced him into a shell and become less sociable than he could actually be. One day, I decided that enough was enough and during lunch that day, I sat with the boy and talked to him. I did that everyday in order to encourage him to come out of his shell. The other kids followed my example and eventually got to know him and they felt the need to apologize for their previous actions.
Since that event in my life, I have always had a soft spot for those without the power to defend themselves. I have been troubled for quite a number of years now by the fact that intimidation on a social and workplace basis is only getting progressively worse. Intimidation these days have taken on various new forms and methods because of the anonymity that the internet and social networking sites continue to offer. Thus making intimidation a serious legal problem at present.
In the workplace, managers abuse their positions of authority in order to make their subordinates submit to their unfair labor practices and use it as leverage to have their way with their various employees. Intimidation in exchange for benefits seems to be the norm these days in most offices. The employees are afraid to file formal complaints mainly because they are afraid to lose their jobs. Although we already have laws in place to prevent such abuses both socially and professionally, not everyone knows about their rights and the laws against intimidation. That is why it continues to flourish.
I fully intend to help promote the laws against intimidation as set out by the laws of our state and constitution once I complete my legal studies. There is an imperative need to spread the word about the way the law protects people from intimidation. Once I obtain my Juris Doctor, I will be in a position to help defend those who are intimidated and bullied in various scenarios. I will specifically concentrate on the immigrants who have very little to no knowledge of their rights and protections under the law so that other people take advantage of them through bullying and intimidation. These people come to the United States with the dream of starting their new lives, their “American Dream”, those who are in a position to help should do so. For me, that means helping them by making sure that they are not intimidated or bullied in any way as they pursue their quest for the great “American Dream”.