The Problem with Eating Animals

Considering food intake should be in harmony with the natural order, it is okay to eat animal meat because that balances the ecological system by creating food chains which maintain nature. Too many animals conflict with humans and therefore resulting in undesirable natural order. Animals try to find their daily diets by grazing around and they might end up destroying plantations like it has been witnessed before where animals such as elephants invade plantations in search of food. This is due to their large numbers that have led to small grazing grounds. As described in the bible, animals are created to be ruled and eaten by man.
Having feelings for animals implies that we regard them as humans which should not be the case since naturally humans were created to depend on animal meat as a source of food. Writers argue that eating meat violates animal rights, the reason being they have the life. I doubt that animals have the same feeling as humans and therefore eating animal meat is perfectly okay since they do not have a structured life as humans do. Eating meat does not compromise the integrity and stability of the human environment. It is therefore not wrong to eat meat since the order is still maintained-it is ethical.
Humans do eat meat out of necessity and not pleasure, therefore, this is morally acceptable. This is a self-preservation mechanism which is meant to preserve life. Just like shooting someone in self-defense is not the same as killing someone for the sadistic reason.