The Prolife Stance on Stem Cell Research

I know that we have many more steps and strides to go in the race to discover cures for the common diseases that devastate us now.
That which encompasses the cloning and reproduction of viable human embryos in the name of medical research leaves too many gaps and unanswered questions. What will be the ultimate consequences of human tampering with the highest mountain yet to be scaled remains to be seen Man, in creating through lab work what God gave through the human birth canal is at the brink of the final frontier of disaster. It is my belief that we seek to create lives that we may find ourselves hard-pressed to even call human in the end.
From the small perch on which I sit, I ask myself daily how I can reconcile what I believe with what humanity demands the greater good of all. The creation of a vital life in order to destroy it for medical research is just as bad as abortion, and war, and assisted suicide.
It is hard to argue with the idea that perhaps a "test tube baby" that didn’t "take" should be okay for purposes of medical experimentation because that life would not be viable even if implanted in a womb and allowed to progress naturally. Yet, it is still, in my mind, tampering with another human life.
Off the topic for a moment, it is for this reason that I also do not believe in vitro fertilization (IVF) in the case of two women who are legally married to one another, as this is not living the way God intended. Life as God intended it is evidenced by the very manner in which it was created and the manner in which we naturally procreate without interruption or interference by man. In this slight digression, I speak to the natural course of life as given, not to the morality of the matter with regard to intra-sexual marriage.
Ethically speaking, getting back to the matter of stem cell research, the only truly redeemable idea is that of the use of embryos which do not successfully translate into full human life outside of the womb and of their own accord.