The purpose and the nature of creative writing

It also requires critical and analytic style of writing, and the student’s ability to express his or her independent opinion.
When dealing with students between 14 and 19 years of age, the issues required to be kept in mind are the maturity level of the students, their stage of life when emotions tend to be volatile (REFERENCE You could talk about storm and stress – G Stanley Hall from the books – Adolescence (1904) and Aspects of Child Life and Education (1921).) , the need for the teacher to enjoy the respect and confidence of the students, and last, but not the least, for the teacher to be highly disciplined and expect discipline from the students.
Adolescence is a difficult period to expect a rule-of-the-thumb discipline. This is a nascent and natural period of a young person’s life when he or she is on the threshold of manhood or womanhood. The physical and psychological metamorphosis differs in each young adult, and it is not possible to expect a uniform pattern of grown process. One young person may not show any sign of change and move to attain the full state of manhood or womanhood in quietness and confidence. …
Essay Writing
Essay writing is an exposition on a topic. It is a special discipline to introduce the student to serious writing. What is needed is an outline, information related to the topic, sound vocabulary and grammar to communicate the information, and the ability to round off the essay with a conclusion.
To begin, allow the students to write an essay on How to write an essay, after having given them all the information necessary on the topic. Do not expect miracles. None of the student is going to complete the essay to the teacher’s satisfaction. If he or she has, in all probability, the essay has been copied!
Getting students to put together the essay with the help of sentences and paragraphs invariably leads to information gathering, practice, discipline, and time consciousness. It also involves bouts of frustration and desperate measures in the form of cancellations and tearing of pages. These are normal.
Learning models
The best way to begin is to teach the fundamentals followed by some more time of questions and answers to make sure the students have got a good grasp of how to write an essay. Students with good potential normally perform well after the first few practice sessions. However, the skill levels of the average students tend to vary, sometimes widely. (John Shaw, 16.1.2008) DATE). A student may be brilliant in science and mathematics. However, literature and language may be his Achilles heel. This kind of problem is addressed by analyzing and dealing with the student’s level of emotional intelligence. Make a little probe into their personality and check for cobwebs or negative feelings. (Teaching Expertise16.1.20080 ). This paragraph is very good (THANK YOU!)
Learning models for 14-19 year olds
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