The Quality Drag on China’s Car Industry

By providing the example of Hyundai, this article tries to establish the fact that the carmakers, especially the domestic Chinese carmakers, have no choice but to focus on quality in order to achieve sustainable success. Chinese automobile companies must shift their focus from higher market share to better quality by making significant investment in research and development for further improvement of quality of their cars. There are huge opportunities for these players to make improvement in the areas like handling, power train and ‘driving experience’.

Having made all these points, one may ask if quality comes automatically by the mere fact that the need for quality is trumpeted to workers every now and then. The fact is that quality is earned and it must be earned methodologically. In most global jurisdictions as far as business is concerned, renowned companies and multinational corporations have relied on the basic principles of operations management to enforce and ensure quality among their workforce. It is not surprising therefore that in the article, the writer notes that “when the trade-off is between higher sales or greater profits, their instinct is to go for sales, often at the expense of profits” (Lubo, 2012). In the words of McNamara (2011), “operations management focuses on carefully managing the processes to produce and distribute products and services.” It basically entails the practice of using what you have to achieve what you want. The most important factor however is that in determining what you want to achieve, the needs and expectations of the customer must stand out (Dodge, 2005).