The Recruitment Method and Selection Procedures Applied at the McDonalds Corporation

This paper seeks to assess the effectiveness and appropriateness of the recruitment method and selection procedures applied at the McDonald’s corporation. It will also address the use of the internet as a recruitment tool at McDonald’s. it is expected that proper recommendations for improvement will be presented after an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the recruitment policies and procedures applied at McDonald’s.
McDonald’s opened its door to the UK public in 1974 and as of the end of 2004, there were over 1330 McDonald’s UK restaurants, with 60 % being company owned, employing 43, 491 individuals and the rest being franchises, employing 25, 000 individuals. For each McDonald’s restaurant, its management is responsible for maintaining its own independent operations, accounting, inventory control, training and Human Resource functions. There are two groups of employees. the hourly-paid, also known as the crew members, and are charged with the task of carrying tasks that ensure a restaurant runs efficiently. The other groups are the salaried managers who manage operations and oversee the business and crew members’ performance.
McDonald’s established that for the organization to register improved organizational outcomes, it is imperative that effective recruitment and selection practices are applied.&nbsp.
McDonald’s prides itself in being an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate along gender, nationality, race, colour, marital status, age, religion, political affiliation or any other unjustified reason. In 1992, McDonald’s put in place the Equal Opportunities Group that was aimed at encouraging a workplace that was characterized by equality and diversity.