The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

The Red Tent depicts the story of Dinah, which is one of the key references found in the Holy Bible book of Chapter 34, “The Genesis.” This is one ofthe most intriguing stories as it displays the difficult quest to recover after major life incidents. In Genesis, Dinah is not really explicit on the heinous incident that occurs. The novel itself is a historical fiction as she gives a vivid description of her family’s brutal retaliation. Dinah is sincerely in love with a prince and happily becomes his bride. However, she is horrified to realize that her brothers murdered her husband, which forces her to escape to Egypt. After finding shelter in Egypt, she delivers her son and realizes that her family has lost all accounts of her
The Red Tent is a great novel anyone who tries to gain a better understanding of a female’s perspective from an older generation standpoint. It outlines the difficulty of young women, who undergoes drastic life experiences as she witnesses her husband getting murdered. One of the most essential themes that are explicitly emphasized upon is the fact of that she is engrossed in all her memories. Dinah is almost forced to narrate her story from the fear that she will not ever remember these memories. Undoubtedly, these memories are critical towards her life experience. From my perspective, the author is trying to insist on the fact that our life experiences are critical as they are associated with memories. Without having these experiences, humans cannot fully develop their personalities. Another theme that is emphasized in this novel is the ability to heal. Clearly, humans are sensitive creatures that possess and experience strong emotions. Dinah witnesses her husband getting murdered. In addition, she was also raped. Both of these incidents are traumatic as they can impact any individual dramatically. However, she is able to recuperate through time and patience. Her son is the hallmark of her striving to exist even when her life is shattered with these events. Anita Diamant, in this novel undoubtedly shows the futile superiority of men and portrays the strength that a woman must possess even after she experiences life changing events. She is clear to capture the essence of feminism in her novel through Dinah and shows the qualities that women possess that make them beautiful, sensitive beings.
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