The Relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom

The British people have always admired the American culture and in certain aspects, they feel more attached to America than to its neighboring European countries. The two countries build a close bond in the 1940s when they work together during World War II. These were rough times with high levels of uncertainty. By working together and sharing military intelligence the countries gained a competitive advantage during the war. They won the war and ever since these countries started a close relationship. The basis of the relationship was established during this event as a military coalition and establishing open lines of communication among all intelligence communities in the two countries. The biggest benefit each other has gained from their political affairs has been military, but analyzing each country a significant fact is that both countries are huge investors in each other’s economy. This implies that their good relationship has helped these countries in business affairs by creating a favorable business environment.
The perception of the British citizen concerning the special relationship between these countries is that the United Kingdom has not received as much from the relationship as the United States. The United Kingdom mostly has always pleased the United States in any request or help they solicited, with the biggest exception being Vietnam. Of course, looking at the event from a historical perspective nobody could really blame the United Kingdom for not getting involved since most of the American civilian population was against the war on Vietnam. The relationship has been considered one of a unilateral nature with the United States being the bigger beneficiary. The former Director of the Confederation of British Industries (CBI), Sir Digby Jones, said in a speech in Birmingham in 2006 “One of the most shocking and worrying&nbsp.aspects of this loss of independence has been a refusal to stand up to the United States in many areas. I want my country back“.