The relevance of employee engagement indices



This research will begin with the statement that employee engagement is a crucial element that influences business operations in most institutions. It facilitates democratic participation and administration of resources, for example, human resources that enhance morale. Managers are obligated to formulate superior employee engagement procedures that include the adoption of structured lines of communication, although others do not. This is to facilitate communication and formulation of superior performance strategies that focus on the participation of everyone. Employee engagement remains a hot issue with most professionals posting a diverse opinion on its suitability in measuring performance in institutions. One school of thought reports that employee engagement indices criteria form a fundamental element that provides relevant incentives for measuring performance. It acts as a scorecard guideline that measures the satisfactory level of employees and consumers in service delivery. However, another school of thought faults its use since it fails to provide clear benchmarks that can be applied to facilitate credible measurement of performance. Ideally, employees hold the requisite capacity of influencing performance in institutions. To ensure superior innovation and creativity in product development, proper employee engagement is essential. It ensures adequate sharing of ideas and formulation of policies with innovative ideas. It is crucial to note that, employee performance can be achieved when their morale is enhanced through adequate engagement in diverse aspects.