The role of economic crisis for social change in contemporary society



This essay discusses that social is the study of human social behavior, its origin, development organization, and institutions. It deals social welfare, policy, and well-being. It focuses on understanding how the humans work and how the activities in their life affect them socially, physically and psychologically. Analysis on why sociologists place so much importance on economic crisis for social change in contemporary society. Economics and sociology greatly complement each other, it is said that economy affects the social health and activities of a human while sociology affects the social relationship and welfare in relation to the economic stand of a human. The connection between this two revolves around human behavior in all kinds of environments. It assists in making decisions that are reasonable and can be able to have a positive impact on all people. Some of the effects that come about with the crisis are long term, and some are irreversible. The sociologists through their study try to come up with material that might be of importance to deal with the negative effects mostly the irreversible. Though the analysis they are able to shape the societal view on the crisis, people are able to plan and make efforts in learning to get past the low labor market so that the impact on the economy does not displace them in the society. The consequences of the economic crisis are brought to light, and those in a position to help will be able to be in a position to assist and put measures in place.