The Role of Music

This essay discusses that music is a powerful medium in the society that helps in controlling communication. Songs assist in sharing meaning and promote development and maintenance of individual groups. For instance, the protest songs are used in showing the composition of social conditions that are prevalent in a society during a particular time. Protests could be used to fight against racism, an abolition of hierarchy, elimination of women suffering and crudity. In the community, protest songs are a powerful tool that helps individuals explore some of the iconic and evocative moments in history. The primary function of the work songs is to mental rather than physical. During the enslavement of the Negros, the white people encouraged them to sing these songs as an illusion for the body to work mechanically. The songs sang accommodated the type of work that they did and, as a result, some songs were developed. Work songs help individuals to be more efficient.

This paper declares that& promotes unity in the society. The protest songs are formed as a result of people coming together in agreement to oppose a particular thing. They give a sense of unity and allowchange. this especially can be seen throughout the American history. The use of music at work allows everybody to take part in the discourse practices of labor activities with a uniformity of the mind.&nbsp.Blue music helps in the relaxation of the mind, during leisure time or when traveling long distances.