The Role of Public Relations Companies in the Wars

This essay declares that one public relations firm by the name Hill and Knowlton played a unique role in this respect. The PR firm produced several video clips that cost well beyond 500 million US dollars, and free airtime worth tens of millions of US dollars. The video news releases (VNRs) were presented to viewers by various TV stations across the world. Little was known at this time that the public relations company behind these releases was run by Kuwaitis (What Really Happened nd). Instead of real journalism, innocent viewers were actually presented with well crafted propaganda in the form of news stories and footage. It was only after the war ended that the truth behind the releases came to be revealed. In fact, it was later noted that the more the people watched these releases the less they knew the facts about the war as they were. During the public relations campaigns, the Wirthlin Group engaged members of the public daily in opinion polls with an aim of helping Hill &amp. Knowlton play to the highest with the people’s emotions.
This paper makes a conclusion that public relations firms have been used to garner support for war or to present concerned parties in good light. In spite of the massive support some organizations receive based on the PR activities that they enjoy, some of the information provided to the public is pure propaganda and cannot face the light of truth.