The role of technology

The role of technologyTechnology affects in everything that one can think of, be it eating, treating, social life, sporting and many others. Technology is bridging the cap between people far apart but at the same time distancing neighbors. In modern times, people can’t even imagine their lives without technology. In our midst, technologies are helping people to live their lives more luxuriously. The technology sector has changed the development of many products. The technology is providing many advantages but also it has some disadvantages. In the field of communication, technology have make it faster and cheaper while at the same time it has decreased the earlier forms of communication like going to public places and travelling. Due to this advancement of technology in the field of communication, people have become more impersonal. The modern means like email are very quick and whatever is communicated is kept and can be referred to in the future. People surround themselves with technology as they distance themselves to others at the same time paying little attention to their need. With technology, people are on a daily basis building solid relationships with people across the globe.Technology have also taken cooking to a whole new level and one can easily cook by using electrical kettles and other electric equipments that enable one to regulate and control heat. There is also efficiency with customers in the hotels because one chooses food of its choice and gets cooked within few minutes. The same fast food is also responsible for various health related challenges like obesity. Technology is making it easier for one to access information touching on various aspects of their lives by just goggling. One can easily study in dept by finding information from various sources in the internet. Technology is also offering a lot of entertainments to people. Through YouTube one can watch videos of their choices through the touch on the button (Muller 2011). With internet and a computer one don’t have to buy a radio because radio stations offer online services and one need not also buy a DVDs because all sorts of music can be downloaded from the internet (Muller 2011). One should however be aware that not all information’s in the internet are factual, majority are just opinions. Searches in the internet also have made people to be less thinking. Steve Jobs in the early of 2001 iTunes, and it has made it possible to convince music label executives that people might pay for songs online, iTunes was an unexciting all-in-one digital music program that brought together MP3 playback, internet radio and CD writing (Lucas 2008). Apple began letting people access their digital music across any of their devices wirelessly. People are able to watch on televisions program that motivates them and encourage them to keep on. They watch stories from various parts of the world of people who were at the verge of giving up but dint, they pick up the broken pieces of their broken lives and were able to make in live, such people make our role models and we often copy them (Lucas 2008). Some programs however show bad characters and some people copy them. I phone, a product of apple is making people feel that they are much connected with the world. Through the maps, one can look at the terrain and general geography of the places they have