The Role of the Nurse as an Advocate A Reflectionon Learning and Spirituality

This essay aims to discuss a critical incident that involved a senior nurse who was charged to take care of a 37-year old terminally ill cancer patient. The researcher states that he was asked to observe the interactions of the nurse with the patient to be able to get more exposure and experience with according care for these type of patients. The researcher states that he wanted to highlight the strong spirituality which his nursing mentor has practiced throughout the whole experience in this essay. Religion and spirituality significantly influence both mental and physical health in later life and relationship with God forms the foundation of their psychological well-being. From the researcher’s point of view, this helped the patient and his loved ones to cope with his condition and emotions more effectively. Having realized the dire that are needed for nurses to be adept at addressing this aspect of care, the researcher suggests that he would like to hone his skills in this field along the established line. It would be ideal for the researcher to have a mentor who could walk him through the necessary steps in using both technical and soft skills to expedite the full healing of a person. Gradually, the researcher hopes that he would be able to be a more competent healthcare practitioner if he is able to sharpen his skills on providing some form of spiritual counseling for patients and their loved ones apart from being thoroughly exposed to situations that require clinical decision making.