The Roles Played Since High School

The Roles I Have Played Since High School I greatly appreciate the fact that being idle is not good for personal development. This being the case, Ihave always sought something constructive to do every time I have time to spare. From the time I finished high school, I have been engaged in a raft of activities and played different roles in different communities. I will highlight a few of my engagements after high school in the sections that follow. I have volunteered to work in different organizations serving different needs whenever I feel that my services can help improve people’s lives. I have volunteered at Weaver Lake elementary school, where my kids school, assisting teachers, organizing and implementing events as well as acting as the chaperon. At Abbot Northwestern Hospital, my seven years of voluntary service has greatly been appreciated by the administration, members of staff, and patients. During school breaks, I mostly went to the hospital to serve as a receptionist at the surgical waiting room. Some of my duties in this capacity included checking in patients and their families and liaising between doctors and nurses and patients’ family members. More specifically, I informed the family members of ongoing surgical procedures and gave direction to visitors so that they easily found their way to the right departments. In addition, I also volunteered at the mother and baby department, emergency room, and patients escort office. Apart from providing voluntary services to different organizations, I have maintained myself and family by working full time. Yet another activity that has kept me busy is taking care of my two children. playing the role of a mother actively. In general, it is worth noting that my life has been dotted with a lot of experiences and role plays. I have volunteered in a school, hospital, and engaged in full time employment as well. Even as I focus on providing vital services to other people, I have not neglected my family.