The Rolle Estate Office

Unfortunately, the most effective sources of heat are also the very materials with high carbon concentration. Carbon is a component of the world around us. every event that occurs in our lives has a measurable carbon footprint. Each and every time an amount of carbon is used to create power, it has an impact on the environment, which we must consider.
This case study identifies a built project that exemplifies good practice in environmental design. The Rolle Estate Office (Estate Office) is owned by the Clinton Devon Estates (CDE), a long established family business which dates back to the 16th C century and still operates within its Grade 1, English Heritage Listed, Bicton Park. The Rolle Estate Office is considered as one of the most innovative and sustainable of the new buildings in the area. 1
This study It will focus on and discuss the wider implications and focus on of the CDE original proposal, the clients brief and A architect’s concept proposal (Lacey Hickie Caley Architects, (LHC)), and how the finally built office compares to their original plans &amp. vision. In addition the study shall consider ways in which carbon emissions can be reduced in the construction of buildings generally and together with what has been learnt from the construction of this project. …
Conclusion –
This study highlights environmental issues that are dealt with within the mainstream of our industry (architecture). Despite the attention brought by Government initiatives and marketing along side internationally acclaimed films such as ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, action to tackle this global issue is not encouraged in the same way that the commercialization of the domestic industrial market within China or India is applauded 2. If climate change is to be truly recognized and preventative action taken, then a global approach is needed since Governments cannot tackle this worldwide issue in isolation. Furthermore the author believes that Governments in their collective states, see the answer as an economic one, whereas the answer isn’t a monetary one but one of ‘life skills’, ‘attitude’ and ‘education’ and until the Global powers tackle this we are fighting a losing battle. We need to break the cycle and change society, and what better way than in our homes and places of work.
Section One – Introduction
Our world today faces a group of issues of economic situations a number of economic issues that are bringing about the great changes in the society. The and the ways by in which society actually faces the new age progression towards the new era of modernization will have far reaching effects. These changes though are causing dreadful effects to on our environment. The basics are Bascially, the more we develop the industrialized areas in of the world, the lesser is the earth capable of supporting human life. the earth becomes. This in turn causes the earth ‘fever’ or more commonly referred to as ‘global warming’.
The planet earth is surrounded by a blanket of gases, which plays an active part in containing the warmth needed to sustain all forms