The Salon City of Glass and Boulevard of Broken Dreams

All three novels chosen here depict very unusual characters. the one thing common with all three is that they are based on certain protagonists however all three are different in the same aspect as City of Glass follows a detective and The Salon is based on fictitious painters whereas The Boulevard of Broken Dreams is a graphic novel about the life and times of an imaginary cat and a young boy.
One commonality between the works of Bertozzi and Deitch is that they have both produced fictional characters with their imagination and given them a very different spin. for example the use of Waldo for the cat for the purpose of an animation studio just like Disney and the use of painters having the same names as Picasso, Braque and Stein. Thus the two novelists have made use of prominent personalities in society by turning them into works of fiction and art.
Bertozzi’s novels are basically about a number of painters from the city of Paris, practicing a very avant-garde style of art and are confidently trying to weave their way through life with the help of wit and charm. The painters are based on the lives of Picasso, Braque, Gertrude and Stein and all the four have been given very distinct personalities.
The best part about their reflection has been the way they have been portrayed through images and not only through the narrative, which gives the reader a very graphic image indeed of the kind of lives they lived.&nbsp.