The Service Industry

Innovation and competition have increased both in manufacturing and service industry which require the research process to be carried out frequently in order to capitalize on the available opportunities in a quantitative and qualitative manner. Service industry like logistics has been most important and prominent in the use of research academics due to the continuous need for innovative integrated logistics for the timely delivery system. The researcher collected and analyzed primary and secondary data. Primary data were collected through a sample questionnaire which was used for answering the following research objectives:
After analyzing the data it is evident that the service industry has successfully established the close collaboration with the academic researchers in order to equip the management with research methodologies and processes. These collaborations have led to major breakthroughs, innovation, and improvement in the service sector. Establishment of research centers has been recommended to give a chance to both service and researchers to communicate and work in the close collaboration to move forward to the technological advancements and innovation in the service sector.
The contribution of academic research in the service industry has led to major development over the years. The employees in the companies at every level have been taught the importance of academic research in the delivery and innovation of the services sector. By using the different dimension of the academic research and following the procedures, the management has been able to change their policies and framework in order to adapt to the new findings.