The socialogy of job contactAccording to Ronald Burt Social capital is at once the resources contacts hold and the structure of contacts in a network Drawing from seminar discussions and EACH of the assigned readings in the course thus far (Granovett



The people who are better connected and the disagreements starts enjoy higher returns when social-capital becomes concrete. This is based on the network mechanisms, which defines the means of better connection. Ronald Burt defines social capital as the resources contact hold and structural contacts in a network or the resources that are earned or the ones that one reaches by the network structure. Burt argues that the significant factors based on social capital are the broker and the structural hole and stated that dense networks are linked to the substandard performance. He further argues that most of the behaviors that are competitive in the society are based on the holes that are observed in a social structure (Burt, 2). The structural holes act as the opportunities where the control and the non-redundancy information are accessed. The brokers that exist within the networks who always enjoy high returns based on their investments provide high structural anatomy. It was realized by the brokers that access to the structural hole is determined by level of competitive advantage. The brokers’ network structures and social structure enable them to have a competitive advantage that enable them get better rates of return. He noted that network closure is important in the realization of value and the brokers tend to be the source of value added. The brokerage that exists across the structural holes are of value to the people with few competitors and valuable to groups that are interconnected and valuable in markets where organizations have close interconnections. Second, only the right kinds of insiders have direct access to brokerage social capital. Based on the senior managers, the insiders are older men and outsiders include young men and women. Any outsider that proposes any idea that bridges the groups must borrow social capital based on a