The Spirit of Community

Sunday evening sing is attended by all teenagers. The men do the outside work like farming while the women do the household work like cooking. Amish believe that their faith calls for good works. Children receive education in Amish schools. In the movie, they are seen taking care of each other. The people in this water-tight community do not like the police. They do not follow the rules of any other community because they see their own rules well and sufficient. (‘The Amish: history, beliefs, practices, conflicts, etc’, n.d.) If this is a popular perception of community and looking at the huge attention that this so-called communitarian movie has got in the western countries, then it is only natural to begin our study with some form of scepticism while examining if the communitarian movement can adequately recognize, support, and promote moral and cultural diversity. After all, it is one thing to recognize, support, and promotes moral and cultural values, which, we could find in plenty in our Amish community and it is another thing when the question of diversity comes in.the paper here discusses the question – Can communitarianism adequately recognize, support and promote moral and cultural diversity? Illustrate your answer with particular reference to nationality and family?However, the renewed stress that we see on communitarian movement from the 1990s (Johnson, 1999, p8) is not in response to the increased interchange of diverse ideas and culture between people through globalization. It is rather in response to a vacuum that is created in their personal life because of their failure to adhere to any strict norm of living, be it under a banner of religion or any other moral philosophy. Thus in our pursuit of being secular, there is little motivation on the part of many citizens to adhere to any strict laws other than legal rulings by the state. Ordinary people find it hard to understand what the family stands for, what the role of a man and a woman should be, and where a child stands with respect to the responsibility of parents.