The Success of Marks and Spencer a Well Planned Strategy



The Glorious past: It is said that a journey of 100 miles begins with one single step. That was exactly the case with M&amp.S, when a stall was founded in 1884 in an open market in Leeds, the UK with the name Marks’ Penny Bazaar. The company has not looked back since then. Despite a number of ups and downs, the group operates 665 stores in the UK with over 291 franchisees in over 40 countries. Satisfied Customer: Today we are in an era when marketing communication techniques have seemingly overshadowed all other forms of approaching the customer. But it is worth noting that grabbing customer attention is not a big deal, retaining customer loyalty requires sound strategies at the top. A satisfied customer often takes pride in becoming a goodwill ambassador for the company. The emphasis of M&amp.S on quality and customer satisfaction has helped in retaining the customer base of the company. Committed workforce: Organisations are not passive components. They are life, full of activity and environment-responsive like living beings. With time organisations acquire a character and develop a typical personality and we tend to make an image of the employee depending on the organisation he/ she works for. This very personality of M&amp.S seems to have considerably influenced the functions of the company as it is known as an employee friendly company thus earning the loyalty of the workforce. The retail sector is highly competitive with likes of ASDA Group, Debenhams, Sainsbury, Matalan, Next, Tesco, Gap, Wal-Mart etc. giving intense competition to M&amp.S.