The Sudden Loss of My Grandmother

The Sudden Loss of My Grandmother Introduction Life as I have come to know is full of ups and downs most of which come unexpectedly and they affect the way we live or conduct ourselves, and not matter how much we may try, we can never prepare ourselves enough to handle certain situations. An example of such unexpected situation is the loss of a loved one, who meant a lot to one’s life and his or her unexpected departure leaves someone with feelings of sorrow and grief.
Equally, in life we are bound to get attached to certain people and it could either be a family member or a friend and the sudden loss of someone this special will always have a devastating effect on us more so in the first few days of their sudden death.
In this present essay, I share about my experience with the sudden loss of my grandmother who passed on when I was only ten years old and ever since her death things have never been the same.
2. The death of my grandmother
In the Holy Bible, under the book of Genesis chapter 23, it is documented on how Abraham lost his wife. This biblical story denotes on the fact that the loss of someone special is something that has been occurring ever since the biblical ages and that at one point in our lives we are bound to experience the death of someone dear to us.
In my case, I was only ten years when I received the news that my grandmother had suddenly passed on due to health complications and I remember it was very hard for me to believe this because it happened on a Friday evening while I was waiting for her to come by our house as she usually did every weekend. At first, I wished that the news was unreal and that after a while I will be informed that my grandmother is okay but this never happened and it is when I started facing the reality that indeed I will never be able to see my beloved grandmother again in my entire lifetime.
After her burial, I noticed that everything had changed in my life and I was no longer looking forward to the weekends of which I usually used to spend with her and worse is that I lacked someone whom I could confide in since I used to share all my stories and experiences with her.
3. Conclusion
It has been several years since the sudden loss of my grandmother but because I have never found her perfect replacement in my life I still continue to miss her till today. However, my family members have been supportive and day-by-day, I always feeling that the sorrow in my life is finally vanishing off.
I believe having faced the reality of death at an early age, I will be able to handle sudden losses in my life much better, later on in life, like the sudden end of a romantic relationship that seemed promising, a close friend moving away or losing something that I cherish like a pet.