The time machine ch58 summary

Lecturer Paper Chapter five The chapter begins when there is the night falls. Time traveler is freaked out when he fails to see the time machine. He startles many people when he runs to the building as he demanded to know where the time machine had gone. He freaked the whole night and when he wakes up. he realized that Time Machine has been moved into the pedestal of the white Sphinx. He also experiments with the wells and seeming to be likely to suck air deeply down to them. The time traveler also saved some little person from drowning when none of the little persons try, he therefore befriends this little person called Weena. (Wells 5)Chapter SixTime Travelers is aware that there should be properly investigated the Morlocks, though he doesn’t since they are disgusting. He doesn’t go underground through the exploration of the surface. Weena was annoyed when she realized on what was happening. Time Travelers feels soft hand of Morlock touching him which in a way jolts him. He then follows the tunnel and finds full of a caravan machinery. He is not worried by the feeling of blood. (Wells 6)Chapter 7The chapter presents Time Traveler thinking about the meat as seen underground. He walks to the Palace Green Porcelain with Weena. As he walks, he packs the office with flowers. As they walk the place is far and at night they decide to take a night at the hill. In this chapter, he realizes that the concerns of the human being are small and that the history of human being is easy to wipe. (Wells 7)Chapter EightAs they reach the palace, they are reminded of the museum and they explore it as they tend to get tools to help him in getting the Morlocks. He gets weapons and now feels he is ready to kill some Morlocks. He walks and finds the weapon section though he is a bit disappointed as he realized that all the guns are rusted. There is also a presented room which is full of idols and statues and therefore he caves his name on it. (Wells 8)Works citedWells, H. G.. The time machine. Irvine, CA: Saddleback Educational Pub. ., 2008. Print.