The Tipping Point How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

The three are the law of the few, stickiness as a factor and the power of context. The three work consecutively to influence the public attitude thereby enhancing the tipping point.
He begins by explaining the power of the few by stating that success of pandemics relies on few yet functional individuals who have perfect communication skills and influence. The few enhance the rapid spread of the information. This creates the pandemic or virus effect on the information. The few are connectors who make introductions thus initiating the ideas. They may also know people who invent the ideas. Their basic function is to initiate the spread. Mavens who are the information specialists develop effective strategies to introduce and perpetuate the communication process. The third category consists of the “salesmen” who have the effective persuasion skills. They ensure that the information infiltrates the society. Stickiness factor refers to the part of an idea or message that makes it memorable thus sustaining the spread while the power of context refers to the importance that an environment has on the spread of the information as thy turn viral. Samsung is arguably the most common brand of smartphone globally. The brand rose to fame systematically to acquire the largest share of the global market a feature that provides a perfect scenario for the application of Malcolm Gladwell’s concept of the tipping point. The South Korean Company manufacturing the phone continues to employ strategic marketing and communication strategy that develops appropriate messages. The messages coupled with the effective communication strategy ensures that the brand of the smartphone obtains and retains a substantial market share thereby beating such iconic names as HTC, Apple, and Nokia among many others.&nbsp.