The Tsunami that Devastated Japan

Tsunami Essay 340 words School Tsunami The tsunami that deva d Japan after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake last March could be considered as one of the most devastating tsunamis ever experienced in the world. The earthquake was the strongest that hit Japan since the late 1800s. The 23-foot huge tsunami waves were unstoppable and relentless. The tsunami surged as far as six miles inland in Miyagi Prefecture on Japan’s east coast and swallowed everything along its path. People were terrified at seeing the cascading waters sweeping away houses, rice fields, boats and cars. There were flames seen in other areas while some areas were under water. A major explosion hit a petrochemical plant in Sendai and in northeastern Fukushima prefecture, a dam burst which swept away hundreds of homes. The tsunami resulted in a massive destruction of infrastructure and thousands of innocent lives lost.
Survivors were rescued on top of roofs. They took refuge at makeshift shelters in various parts of Northern Japan. Days after the earthquake and tsunami, the survivors went back to their homes to look through the rubbles and debris, desperate to find some things which they can still salvage. Hundreds of bodies were found in the northeastern coastal area of Japan, particularly in Sendai city. The Fukushima power plant was damaged by the huge floods which resulted in a nuclear disaster in Japan. Some evacuees and tourists who were afraid of a possible nuclear power plant meltdown trooped to the airport hoping to get the first flight out of Japan.
The tsunami caused immense damage to Japan. But it also proved that the Japanese people are very resilient. Today, after seven months since the tsunami hit the country, Japan has started to rebuild, the trauma remains but for the Japanese life has to go on.