The Two Revelations

The supporters of evolution and those of Christianity work for the same purpose. Beecher argues that the idea of human life has always been based on development. Christianity seeks to develop man from his simplicity and ignorance to a superior being (spirit). There are those who identify the truth live by it and eventually are rewarded to share in the glory of God. In the same capacity, evolution explains man in the same context as an animal who develops from the simplicity of life to have a superior mind and life. This is the reason for the apparent existence of contradictions. However, both ideas seek to understand the truth of life and should, therefore, be identified in the same spirit.
The Bible will always be invaluable even though the human mind develops science to the wildest of imaginations. The truth is never complete, satisfactory or understood without adherence to its compatibility to life situations. This comprehensive fact concludes the whole argument. Beecher does not want the purpose of this deep insight to be diverted but he is subjective in purpose. Therefore, the evolutionists and people of varied age, class, denominations, and beliefs are reminded never to undervalue the wholesomeness of the holy book. He cites a man who has cursed the Bible facing so many tribulations that he finds consolation in his mother’s Bible. Overall, the pursuit of the truth should never compromise losing heaven or faith in God. The argument proves this beyond doubt. It is a clear masterpiece of its own kind.