The Type and Methods of English Taught in Schools of The Republic of Yemen

None of them may know what is ‘past perfect tense’ or an ‘infinitive.’ Well, to acquire command over the language, they need not know grammar! Read a lot, listen to the conversation attentively, most of one’s language skills can be acquired through this process. This rule applies to the question of acquiring skills in the English language as for the Yemeni students as well. Let me, however, hasten to add that I do not mean to say that the study of grammar does not have any importance as for learning any language. But for a beginner, if the study of grammar is overemphasized, the learner is likely to lose interest in the subject English commands immense influence in the world, in all spheres. It is the language of international communication. David Crystal Writes, In several countries, the role of English has become politically contentious, and arguments have raged about its current and future status. Have matters developed to the point where the rise of English as a world language is unstoppable?(Preface, p.xii) The answer will have to be found in each country depending on its special situation. In the context of globalization, the needs of the English language to the Yemeni students have grown in many areas. Most of the literature in science and technology is available in English. It is the language used in medical science and international print and electronic media. Practically viewed, learning English is not an option. it is the necessity for an individual’s and national progress. A Yemeni student going abroad for advanced studies must have a reasonable knowledge of English. Though English is extensively used in the commercial world in Yemen, at the school and college level a methodology and system doesn’t exist to teach it effectively. English, though doesn’t enjoy the official status in Yemen, due to practical demand of the language in international business transactions, it has assumed an important position. The language is taught in schools and universities