The Universe of Coca Cola

&nbsp.The objective of this essay is to analyze as to how Coca Cola manages its diversified operations in a globalized world while being sensitive to local social, environmental, legal and regulatory expectations and norms.

As per Muhtar Kent, the Chairman, and CEO of the Coca Cola Company, in a contemporary context, the primary objective of the company is to produce and sell brands that are trusted and respected around the world (Coca Cola 2011: Online). Thus, the goal of the company is to respond to the changes taking place in the region-specific markets by creating a decentralized organizational structure and by respecting and exploiting local expertise and knowledge (Coca Cola 2011: Online). To accomplish this mission, it is imperative for Coca Cola, to make sure that its managers and personnel placed around the world share a common vision and concern, while customizing their approach as per the local requirements and preferences (Coca Cola 2011: Online).

It was way back in the early 90s that Coca Cola accepted the fact that being a global enterprise. it has a truly global employee base. Hence, the company is well aware that the set of issues related to its employment policy are bound to have ample variations and differences (Anfuso 1994, p. 113). So managing its human resources operating in more than 195 countries, with the accompanying individual aspirations and mobility requirements has always been considered a big challenge at Coca Cola (Anfuso 1994, p. 114). Thus, talent management is a core strategic issue for Coca Cola, going by the fact that more than eight percent of its income accrues from overseas sales (Anfuso 1994, p. 116).
Coca Cola has 25 operating divisions spanning across six regional groups (Anfuso 1994, p. 115). Each division is expected to operate on its own while exploiting its global skills and adapting them to local knowledge and values (Anfuso 1994, p. 115). Coca Cola encourages its expatriate managers to practice local responsiveness while assuring global integration.