The Unreported Facts about Building Seven

Building 7 The collapse of the Twin Towers as well as Building 7 of the World Trade Center is deemed as the worst building disaster in the history of America that continues to baffle the experts. This paper intends to focus on analyzing the official reports with regard to the collapse particularly of Building 7. Moreover, it discusses the aspects of the story that were not completely reported to the public.
Mainstream News
Based on the reports provided by prominent news media companies such as the CNN (Cable News Network) and New York Times, Building 7, which houses the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) among others, collapses hours later after the collapse of the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center. In the mainstream news it was cited that this building had been burning shortly after the planes hit the Twin Towers. As such, the collapse is attributed to the structural damage from the collapsing towers coupled with the prolonged fire which affected the fuel stores for emergency generators (Glanz).
In addition, the United States government published a report that aims to clarify the issue pertaining to the collapse of Building 7 despite the fact that it was not hit by hijacked airliners unlike the two ill-fated towers. According to the published report, there were no known casualties due to the collapse. Furthermore, it concurs with the mainstream news that the collapse is primarily due to the fire rather than any impact damage from the collapsing towers. However, the report admits that prior to the 9/11 tragedy, there is minimal record of fire-induced collapse of large fire-protected steel buildings. Apart from this, the report also mentions that the study conducted regarding the structural design and construction features of Building 7 needs to be confirmed by further studies and analysis (Gilsanz, DePaola, Marion &amp. Nelson).
Unreported Facts
Due to some disconcerting observations with regard to the collapse of Building 7, some have formulated alternative theories. Although some of these have made it through the mainstream news, it can be observed that nagging issues have not been completely covered.
For instance, it was mentioned in the mainstream news that the collapse of Building 7 is mainly due to the fire that has ravaged the building. However, there is no detail on how long the fire lasted before the building disintegrated. Furthermore, the official news failed to disclose the implication of the manner by which the building collapsed.
It should be highlighted that there are those who believe that the collapse of Building 7 is due to controlled demolition or intentional bombing of the building. This, in a way, supports the theory that the 9/11 tragedy was pre-meditated or orchestrated ("Wikipedia"). This claim is supported by evidences such as photographs of the events showing that after the first tower collapsed, Building 7 still appears to be in very good shape contradictory to reports that it was on fire all day ("911 Review"). In addition, the way the building collapsed is similar to the manner other buildings under deliberate implosions are brought down (Shwartz). Aside from this, the collapse due to fire seems questionable considering that even experts and official reports cite that this is the first time that such has happened.
There may be various reasons why these stories were incompletely reported in the mainstream news. One reason is that these facts may have been deemed as unfounded and further verification from experts are still required to validate the truth content of the story. Another is that, as some believe, there is indeed a cover up so the news reported publicly is being filtered for damage control purposes.
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