The Use of Databases

While selecting a database for a small organization like real estate business, Microsoft Access is the best. It gives an easy layout to design a database of our own, with wizard facility.
In a small real estate business, tens of customers visit everyday and tell us about their requirements. Some needs to have house on rent and some wants to buy a house. Even few comes here to sell their house. So in order to keep a record of all these, we need to have a Database. So that whenever a customer comes here to seek a house on rent, we can show him/her a list that contains all the houses that we got. It can only be done with the help of a Database. A Database can not only store the information but it can give us the printable form of the data as well in Reports.
The first thing while develop a Database is that we created tables, as they actually store the data in them. But the interface is provided with the help of forms. And we can access the data in our Database with the help of Queries that works simply as question been asked.
This Database contains a table of permanent customers that includes their names, with a unique ID, contact number and address as well. The other table contains the list of houses that are available on rent. This table contains all the information about these houses, their size, location, number of rooms and the rent money as well. The other table contains the list of houses that are there to be sold. It also contains all information about them, like size, location, number of rooms and their prices. Another table contains the list of customers that are willing to rent a house. This table contains their demands as well, that what kind of house they need and the location, size and number of rooms in it. The other table contains the customer’s details that want to buy a house. And also their demands. The above mentioned both tables contains the contact number of customers as well, so that they can be contacted when needed.
Another table deals with the employees of the firm. The firm has 10 employees working at present. Two employees are for office work and eight are the salesmen. The table contains their details, like their names with a unique ID, their addresses, contact numbers, date of joining the firm, starting salary, current salary, and also their account numbers.
The computer operator in the firm uses Forms to enter data in the database. Forms are the interface provided by the database so that data can be entered more conveniently. There is a main form, which gives the main menu, ask the operator whether he wants to enter employee information or customer information. In employee section he can enter the information for new employee or he can update the record of existing employee as well. In Customers section, he can enter the information about the customers who are looking for a house to rent and also those who are willing to give their houses on rent. And also the customers who want to buy a house and their demands as well and also the customer’s information who are looking for the buyer.
Queries are used, so that we can quickly have the information for our required house. Suppose a customer is looking for a house with three rooms in downtown, we can simply put the number of rooms a