The Use of the Brain Metaphor Paradigms and Also Analyzing Two Most Influential Characters in the Organization

To the organization, the idea of the brain metaphor is very important for many organizations. The company that is keen on using the brain theory assists it in the decision making. Also, the use of a distributed control in the company is very helpful in the distribution of the control.
The brain methods will help the company to get to the bottom of an issue in case there is a need to. The brain metaphor also helps to make changes in case the first ones are not pleasant or did not meet the needs of the consumers and the business as at large. There is also the concept of information in the organization, the brain metaphor just like the brain of a person assists in introducing new information and improving the already existing ones in the company. The idea of intelligence is also very crucial because the essence of intelligence is very significant to the business. There are organizations that reflect the use of the brain metaphor. For instance, the Honda organization used it and developed a car from just the idea of the beer can.
There can be the use of the paradigm.&nbsp.the two types of the paradigm will be the rationale system and also, the natural system. The rational system is usually used in the complex organizations and is very effective, especially if a leader Is most of the time dealing with the limited numbers of the sub-leaders who in turning their obligation is to look after and also control the actions of the other easy to replace people outside the company, but still are working for the businesses. The rationale system, on the other hand, can be very good if its idea is to improve the profit gaining of the business when the human in the business sector is working towards the effective functioning of the organizations.&nbsp.