The visibility of the Environmental reports

Social Accountability The visibility of the Environmental reports The elevation of social accountability and the current reach of the environmental
responsibility of the corporate world?
Is environmental responsibility addressing the real concerns or is it a public propaganda?
2. Prior research indicates that the firms used to elevate the social accountability as
an employee welfare activity and ignore other related important operational information.
A very little has been done to the environment improvement. There is no sustainable
development but firms used to highlight specific events they have had organized. Firms
from the seventies started concerning about environment to please the public and to get
approved by the environmental &amp. other governing authorities. The stringent laws
imposed in response to the rapid pollution worldwide the firms were forced to abide the
regulations specified by concerned authorities.
3. Socio Economic theory was used to examine the social accountability of the firm.
4. The theory describes about the authenticity of the disclosures about the environmental
responsibility. The Socioeconomic theory demands for the release of both the extremes of
the facts about the environment accountability of the firm which many companies were
not providing at that time. The theory demands that the environmental reports are to
released with the annual reports to enhance the accountability and visibility of the firm
towards environmental awareness. However the firms used to release a separate report
about the environment. The theory discloses that the firms wake up when there is hue
about the growing concern of global warming and the initiation is a forced activity. These
timely activities suggest that there is no sustainable dedication to the firms to carry
environmental protection. The initiative doesn’t come inherently from the company
towards society.
5. The methodology was a report was divided into sample survey, data collection, content
analysis: sample survey in firms which are financially operational and to compare the
data with other firms. The data was compared to the standard industrial code to check the
difference. The data was collected through various available options from the websites,
companies and was checked for the authenticity of the data .The data was verified with
the different sources to check that maximum sources are available to analyze the content.
The content analysis was performed to measure the data under various parameters of the
operations and to scale out the performance of the firm.
Results: Firms with valid reports has disclosed most of the aspects like the health &amp.
safety, diversity, community etc. The conclusions were that the firms rarely disclose
every aspect of the environment, the information does not reflect the reality
Only four companies provided complete information. The firms under the pact of the
standards societies were seldom shared the information. Many firm neither have
environmental report nor they have had disclosed their sustainability. Firms mostly
provided data related to health safety as it forms an important norm for the industries.
However a few have provided information about community services, product services,
work station safety norms. The improvement in disclosing the accountability will
enhance the path for more sustainable development. The voluntary forces have to strive
to extract the information to enable the visibility which leads to sustainable improvement.