The Walter and Jessica

By the time Walter and Jessica drafted their wills, they were in marriage. It means that the will does not capture ant developments after marriage therefore, invalid. Way, dying intestate either by both or by one of the two parents leaves results in a myriad of problems for whoever remains alive. Immediate problems arising from death without a will are two.Lack of appointed Executrix or Executor is the first problem because all their agreements are verbal. In fact, Water’s mother and Mathew have given formal indications of taking care of Wes and Warren in case of sudden death of Walter and Jessica. This case refers to a situation where there is no specific person assigned to take charge of the estate and other property. The second problem is the absence of a formal written record regarding what Walter and Jessica would like done with their estate. Other insurance schemes are specific on the beneficiaries. Walter and Jessica ought to know that the Wills and Succession Act has adequate measures to deal with the first immediate problem. The Act provides that an Administrator handle the collection and distribution of property. Interested people submit applications to the court. The court then issues an order of appointment. This causes delays at the initial stages. In dealing with second case, the Act lays down the procedure followed by relatives with permission to inherit property.The whole estate goes to the survivor closely related to the deceased. Therefore, if Walter dies, then Jessica takes full custody of property and if Jessica passes on, Walter does the same. The children Warren and Wes are under age hence, Walter’s mother would take full custody on behalf of children awaiting their maturity if both parents pass on.A will designates a guardian for minors. However, both Mathew and Walter’s mom agreed verbally to take care of Wes and Warren. The case is not official. Intestacy stipulates the appointment of a guardian by a court of law. The