The Way of True Inspiration

For a period of over thirty years, Ed Catmull has established methods of rooting out and destroying the barriers to creativity. He also developed ways to marry creativity to the pursuit of excellence and most importantly to sustain a culture of creativity that is during success and setbacks. The first four chapters of the book demonstrate the animations, how Pixar is, a defining goal, and establishing the identity of Pixar (Catmull &amp. Wallace, 2014).
The major insights from reading the chapters are. Pixar is one of the most creative companies in the world today. They also accomplished an insanely great feat by coming up with the first animated all computer feature film at a time when others told them that it could not be. Also in the chapters, Catmull begins by telling the story of Pixar, which is a fascinating story. He describes how the company rose from a part of the film company of George Lucas. It continued to develop, and partnership with Steve Jobs was established even to the current today as a firm that churns the computer-animated films to the worldwide awaiting audiences. The stories and anecdotes in the first four chapters remain faithful to what he repeats throughout the book. The story is about creativity and in the chapters, he tells an engaging one to those interested in creativity and how it might be within a company (Catmull &amp. Wallace, 2014).
The four chapters are to the strategies theory and arguments in Hill and Jones textbook. They are connected in a manner that the authors have used creativity to assist people to identify and focus on essential concepts in a more streamlined and succinct format. The concepts should be used to change the current business world by use of current thinking and real-world practices. They are also related in a manner that they also give managers the knowledge they require to uplift their employees to greater heights (Catmull &amp. Wallace, 2014).