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Hence, being a multi-cultural country, it is difficult to pinpoint one dominant group (majority) in the US which has an advantage or edge over minority groups.
However, it must be noted, that while the Native Americans were the very first people populating the USA, the very first settlers who brought “civilization” to the US were the Europeans who travelled with Christopher Columbus. Hence, they are termed as “Americans” and are also referred to as “the white race”. These settlers can be termed as the dominant group prevalent in the US as they were the supposed founders of the empty land back in Christopher Columbus’s time (Pasell, 1995).
While the USA has opportunities for all ethnicities, religions, and cultures and laws prohibit discrimination upon the basis of race, gender, disability, and other factors, some people are still discriminated against or were discriminated against when they first immigrated to the US as part of a minority group. Minority groups are subject to unequal treatment by dominant groups and may be the victims of racism. They are in a minority in the suggested area and do not have as much power as the dominant groups may have. It takes ample time for them to be recognized, given equal opportunities, and lead a better and free life in the said place.
Dominant groups or majority groups, on the other hand, and have power and authority in their area and may have racist feelings against other minority group settlers. Moreover, they have the most opportunities and the easiest access to their place of settling (Winnant, 1994).
As mentioned before, while the percentage of majority and minority residents in the US is rapidly changing, the analysis of this paper will be based upon two groups: the Europeans (white) as the dominant group and the immigration of Chinese settlers into the US as the non-dominant group (Calavita, 1994).
Immigration policies differed in various time