The Whole Concept of Globalization

Today globalization hasn’t really benefited the world the way it was thought it would. Disparities have heightened and it is not having an overall improving effect. In addition to that, globalization has brought with it several unexpected repercussions globally which are now becoming difficult to handle. The word globalization doesn’t truly describe the world today. The whole concept of globalization and its intended effects seem like an illusion in today’s world (Georgios et al., 2004, p. 253-71).
As a general term, globalization means lifting trade barriers, better communication, increased development, diminishing differences in social classes, better living standards, equal resource allocation, better natural environment, better prospects for the underdeveloped and developing countries, therefore, uplifting the world as a whole (Brooks, 2001). However, globalization has resulted in heightened differences in economies instead of diminishing them. The upper class has become more affluent with most opportunities posed to them while the lower classes find themselves unemployed and redundant. Countries with skilled labor and resources compete away the underdeveloped countries leaving them no opportunities for growth. Removing trade barriers has benefited only the developed countries and not the developing ones and thus the economic differences have increased (Sobrino, 2001). Cultural differences have become more prominent, technological advancements have made the unskilled useless, unequal distribution of resources has increased differences between social classes and the environment has degenerated (Breslin, 2005, p. 735).
Globalization brought with it human migration, global trade, integration of financial markets, capital movement and tremendous technological development. Life expectancy has increased, feminism has advanced especially in developing countries, and the global literacy rate has increased from 52% to 81% from 1950-1999.&nbsp.These were intended to help spread equality and a general uplift in the standard of living from every aspect. Whether this has been achieved or not is questionable.