The Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Oscar Wao is the worst possible nightmare of any person who has gone through groveling social experiences in high school, college or even works. Oscar Wao is an extremely oversized boy who is known for his dorky outlook and lack of judgment with girls. He is from a typical Dominican family with a frustrated mother who works hard all day long and treats her kids with anything but love. Now, Oscar is a pity young character who has no father to support and guidance to lead him into the manly zone of life. In Chapter one Oscar’s sister comes to his support when Beli, his mother is hurling at him for crying because of girl trouble: It wasn’t just that he didn’t have no kind of father to show him the masculine ropes, he simply lacked all aggressive and martial tendencies. (Page 8) His problem was not the fact that he had no male guidance in his life. his uncle La Inca lived with them but was a drug addict. Naturally, Oscar was just not the man of aggression and violence. This initial part of the story clearly paves the path of what is to come in the book. How the lack of macho-ism caused problems for the protagonist.Junot Diaz has marked his territory in the book in the initial stages by showing the implications of not being able to fall into the criteria of a certain societal norm. He has started the book with the introduction of a curse or doom that has affected the people of that particular place due to a dictator called Trujillo.