The World of Construction

It urged them to embrace a more productive and customer-centered approach stating that -“propose to initiate a movement for change in the construction industry, for radical improvement in the process of construction. This movement will be the means of sustaining improvement and sharing learning” (Egan Report, 1998,).
“We have identified five key drivers of change which need to set the agenda for the construction industry at large: committed leadership, a focus on the customer, integrated processes and teams, a quality-driven agenda and commitment to people” (Egan Report, 1998,). The report does not pinpoint the areas that lack in the industry but it rather systematically categorizes the different sectors for improvement and re-vamping.
In order to achieve this, the industry has to undergo a total transformation as such by re-inventing itself for its progress not only within its own market but more importantly globally. It urges the working class in the industry not to sit on their laurels but to undergo additional training and experience to achieve a high level of efficiency set down by the Egan Report.
The fact of the Egan Report still remains, that it would prove successful only if the whole industry works in tandem holding the same lofty vision as laid down in the report. The economy will have a good boost in growth if the industry is open to new approaches, practices, and theories.
In his report to the Deputy Prime Minister on the improvement and efficiency of the U.K construction industry, Sir Eagan expressed – “We look to the Government, as the largest client, to join us. But, we are also issuing a challenge to the construction industry to commit itself to change, so that, working together, we can create a&nbsp.modern industry, ready to face the new millennium.”
Egan in his report identified five key drivers of change that would set the agenda for change. 1 committed leadership, 2) a focus on the customer, 3) integrated processes and teams, 4) a quality driven agenda and 5) commitment to people.