The World of Teachers Child Protection

The Australian government has been keen on protecting the rights of children, which led to the development of the National Safe Schools Framework (NSSF), which is geared towards ensuring that all schools in the country are capable of offering children appropriate protection. This approach is significant in sensitizing schools and the communities where the students come from, regarding effective ways of dealing with problems associated with child molestation, aggravation, cruelty, and neglect. The NSSF focuses on promoting a shared vision that aims at enhancing the safety of children (Rigby 2005). The behavior of students is largely influenced by the community from which they come from. It is important to understand the connection between the students and their cultural background, which is among the factors that influence student behavior. To accomplish this understanding, communities need to be involved in developing strategies regarding child protection, which are important in promoting diversity in schools as well as a supportive environment for learning.Teachers are described as the most appropriate professionals to identify the needs of children since they have the necessary skills that enable them to associate effectively with students. Schools have also been highlighted as significant institutions through which the government can channel resources for child protection. The essay also describes the key elements of good practice whereby guidelines for the protection of children are viewed to be significant. Professional training of teachers regarding child protection has been highlighted as a significant element amongst others. The value of a whole-school approach has also been discussed.The fact that students spend less time with their parents than they do in schools justifies the integration of child protection in learning institutions. The teachers have regular contact with students and therefore they are in a position to learn the needs of students than parents can.